Welcome to the Arts Encaustic where creativity for all is offered, explained, supplied & supported.

What is it?

Encaustic Art is something anyone can do. Abstracts just 'happen' in the beginning. As skills come through doing this creative work your ability to control and form images improves.

What do I need?

Find out what you need to begin this fascinating encaustic art journey. ALong with a painting iron & some waxes there are a few other things that help a lot.

How do I begin?

What better way to spend some time than to melt into the wonderful world of encaustic art - magical creativity. But you need to set up your work area in an organised way, so here is a good plan of how to do that.

What's available?

Browse our brochure & if you wish then visit the online site to get the things you need for enjoying encaustic art & other of the Arts Encaustic.

Express your Creativity & Share it .. the Arts Encaustic enable this in you.

Whether you are a complete beginner without any experience or a fine artist with great skills,
there is a magical pandora’s box waiting within the arts of encaustic.

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Abstract ripples on ….

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